How I Prep for a Reset

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Check in – Week 1 of 2022

As many people do, I sat down on Dec. 31, 2021 and wrote down all of my intentions for 2022. I created a mind map online, wrote down a list of to do’s for the first week, and even created a digital vision board. This year is going to be different. As if I didn’t say that every year.

Well Monday, Jan. 3, came around and everything pretty much stayed the same. I didn’t end up working out at all this week, instead of cleaning up my diet I added cinnamon rolls, and my productivity levels were unusually low. It definitely wasn’t the start I was aiming for. So what was really different?

As Friday rolled around, I realized I needed a better game plan. I listed out all of these goals but didn’t map out the frame work. I need to cut out any excuse I may have come up with that would take me off of my path to being consistent. So I sat down and identified every thing I needed to do this weekend to prep for my real reset, Jan. 10.

Example of my breakdown:

  • Wash & Put Away All Laundry – pick out a workout outfit & work outfit for Monday
  • Grocery Shop – create a list of all meals for the week & daily snacks, buy all needed groceries, add in easy healthy precooked meals (these are a great safety net for days that you’re too lazy to cook)
  • Deep Clean Home – it’s easier for me to get into the reset mindset when everything is decluttered and clean, there’s something about a clean house that just says “this bitch gets things done”
  • Plan Workouts For The Week – I like to write down all of my workouts in the notes app on my phone. If I have them in there I have no excuse, all of the work is done for me I just have to get up and go.
  • Cook that Sunday dinner – There are two types of people when it comes to meal prepping. Those who can just cook everything at once and those who plan meals and cook as they go. I am the latter. I have been the bulk meal prepper but I’ve found planning and cooking throughout the week works best for me.

I’ve realized that consistency is all about being intentional. It’s about the all of the little things you do daily that contribute to your end goal. No matter what it is. So as I start this year I’m going to take it one day at a time. Always asking myself one simple question.

Is what I’m doing a good use of my time?

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How I Prep for a Reset