Simple Sustainable Swaps For Your Home

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On my new found journey to practicing intentional living, I’ve been slowly but surely making small changes in every area of my life. The most recent change has been the recent sustainable swaps I’ve made with household products.

My current swaps are small and may not seem like they make much of a difference. But one thing to remember is sustainable living is a marathon not a sprint. The other day I was at brunch with some friends when one of them mentioned that there wasn’t really a point in trying to be more eco conscious. “There are so many people in the world, it really wouldn’t make a difference if I started recycling or swapping my plastic straw for a paper straw.” For a moment I sat there and contemplated this statement. I can see how most people would agree but I do not. Even though we may feel hopeless at times or as though our contribution to the world may be tiny, we have a huge opportunity. We’re able to influence the people around us to take a sustainable step towards the big goal.

When you are intentional about the products you buy, reuse, gift to others, or even the habits you develop people take notice. All it takes is one person to pick up one of your habits and pass it along to their circle and so on – the domino effect.

So with that being said, here I am sharing with you my simple sustainable swaps. Hoping that they inspire you to take that step forward to a more intentional lifestyle.

Easy Sustainable Swaps

Dryer Sheets For Wool Dryer Balls

Plastic Container Body Wash For Bar Soap

Saving & Reusing All Glass / Plastic Containers

Cotton Makeup Rounds For Reusable Rounds

Plastic Straws For Stainless Steel Straws

Carrying Travel Utensils Rather Than Using Plastic

Using Tote Bags Rather Than Plastic Grocery Bags

Carrying My Reusable Water Bottle Everywhere

What are easy swaps you’ve made in your home recently?

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Simple Sustainable Swaps For Your Home