How to Start Journaling Consistently

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I’ve found that a common misconception about journaling is that you have to love writing to start or even to enjoy it. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I decided to start journaling because I needed something to hold me accountable. I knew what I wanted in life but didn’t really have the drive to chase after it. Finally, I took the leap and carved out some time each day to jot down my goals to serve as a reminder of what I was working towards.

Little did I know this new hobby would soon turn into a habit that I couldn’t picture myself living without. My journal became a safe space where I could not only check in with myself but vent about the day, create lists of things I wanted to accomplish, and even just put my thoughts onto paper. I instantly found that journaling unintentionally helped me with my anxiety and assisted with building consistency in other areas of my life.

If you’re here, then I can only assume you’re looking for that extra push to get started. Here are a couple of tips that helped me start and stick to my now favorite habit.

3 Tips To Help You Start Journaling

Set a time and stick to it.

Find a time with limited distractions that you’ll be able to stick to every day. I personally enjoy journaling in the morning. I starting my day writing down my affirmations, manifestations, and even dreams from the night before.  

Create a space that is welcoming.

This will make the act of journaling more appealing to you. Rather than feeling like a task it turns into an experience. Your new happy place. Don’t laugh but my master bathroom is my happy place. I filled it things that spark joy tons of plants, candles, and it has the best natural lighting in the house which is always uplifting.

Start small and work your way up.

Don’t pressure yourself to write multiple pages during your first few sittings. Start with one page or even half a page. Journal prompts serve as a great guide if you don’t know where to start. The goal is consistency. Begin with just a free flow of how ever much you’re comfortable with and keep that energy going each time. Some day’s you’ll write 3 pages others you may write just a couple of affirmations. If you show up for yourself the amount doesn’t matter.

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How to Start Journaling Consistently