How To Create a Morning Routine That Serves You

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Morning Routine: A set of actions performed in the morning designed to set the tone for the day.

Why is it important to have a morning routine?

What you do in the morning really sets the tone for your day. Setting up a routine and giving yourself space and time to complete it will push you to be more productive throughout your day, it’s a great way to improve your consistency, and is a necessary form of self care. Morning routines are that needed transition from getting out of bed into your unpredictable day. You wouldn’t workout before you warm up, right?

How to create your morning routine.

Figure out why you’re doing this and hold on to it. You won’t feel motivated every morning but those days make the biggest difference.

Write out 3 things you would like to incorporate into your mornings. Each routine item should fall within one of the following categories:

Hydration (Hydrating first thing in the morning is a great way to wake up your system and gets everything going. Whether it’s plain water or water with lemon, stay hydrated my friends.)

Movement (This can range from stretching, working out, going for a walk, cleaning, etc. Anything that gets your body moving.)

Mindfulness (Tending to your mindset is huge and it looks different for everyone. Some great examples are meditating, journaling, your skincare routine, etc. The key is to find something that gives you the space to be present. No distractions.)

Asses your time. Take a moment to figure out what time you’ll need to wake up each morning. You should give yourself enough leeway so that you don’t feel rushed and are able to move at your own pace. Whatever time you pick may not sound appealing to start with but I promise it gets easier.

How to stay motivated.

  1. Track your progress. It can be extremely helpful to track your progress. Having a visual of what you’ve accomplished can boost your motivation. Simple habit trackers are a great way to keep track of how far you’ve come.
  2. Join a community. Finding a group of like minded people to help keep you on track. It’s easier to be consistent when you have someone there to hold you accountable.

Remember, it’s not about how much you can get done in the morning. It’s about developing simple but effective habits that will serve you. Take charge of your day before it starts.

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How To Create a Morning Routine That Serves You