Free At Home Workouts For All Fitness Levels

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Going to the gym has always been a huge part of my life. When I was younger I played sports year round, working out was second nature. So you can imagine how I felt when COVID happened. No gyms were open, stores were depleted of all workout gear, and running outside just didn’t get the job done. Like many others, I lost my urge to work out. I would exercise here and there but the consistency was gone. At home workouts just didn’t give me the same rush. But as the announcement went out that the gyms would start to open back up, my excitement was palpable. I was ready to get back to my usual routine. Unfortunately, the transition wasn’t as smooth as I had hoped.

With the mask mandate in place and COVID still being a prevalent factor, gym workouts just weren’t the same. When I wasn’t worried about sanitizing every piece of the workout equipment, I found it extremely hard to catch my breath in between sets while wearing a mask. I felt like I just couldn’t win. I was in need of a new outlet but felt like I had no where to turn.

Until I found her.

Caroline Girven.

My new fitness guru.

Caroline Girven – Epic 1 Program:

In the midst of a pandemic, the need for virtual programs and activities sky rocketed. Queue the Epic 1 Program. Caroline Girven created a FREE 10 week workout program that focuses on building your strength, coordination, and consistency all from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a mat, some dumbbells, and a water bottle. No matter what level you’re at Epic 1 is a great way to get into shape.

My Personal Review:

I want to start by saying I’ve never been the biggest fan of home workouts. But that quickly changed, I fell in love with Epic 1 from the very beginning. I made the decision to incorporate these workouts into my morning routine because I believed that would be the best way for me to stay consistent. I’d wake up at 4:30am, pull up Youtube on my TV by 5, and get my body moving by 5:15.

Each week consisted of 5 workouts and 2 rest days. Some days were definitely more enjoyable than others but after every workout I felt like a BEAST. After the first month of workouts I started noticing differences in not just my physical appearance but my overall strength. Whether we were doing lunges, burpees, or some simple core work each workout never failed to push me. I have since finished Epic 1 and started the next chapter Epic 2. I have to say I’ve become obsessed with Caroline’s channel and have no doubt that you will too. No matter what level you’re at this program is a great way to challenge yourself.


Are you looking for a great group to hold you accountable while you’re on this fitness journey? I encourage you to join #MorningMovement on Facebook! It’s a non judgmental motivating community that will push you to be the very best version of yourself. If you’re like me and enjoy tracking your progress these habit trackers are extremely helpful as well.

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Free At Home Workouts For All Fitness Levels