Why and How I’m Using TikTok to Hold Myself Accountable

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We all have that one influencer who we follow, that seems like she’s living the ideal life. In this case we’ll call her Sara. Sara is always bright and chipper. Her house is always clean, she works out everyday, she never wears the same outfit twice, the list could go on. You scroll through Sara’s page on the daily and it’s easy to forget that she’s only showing us what she wants us to see.

The question is is that lifestyle really attainable?

I’m going to say yes and no. Certain parts of what is presented on social media will most likely lean more towards staged than reality. The consistency aspect is more attainable. Recently, I’ve come to a realization. What if the Saras of the world are onto something? They’ve developed these habits, this consistency, because she feels an obligation to post it to her audience everyday! Whether or not they engage with her she still shows up. Why can’t we do the same thing? That’s when the “Influencer Method” was born.

What if we just post our progress somewhere as motivation to keep it up? Start using platforms like TikTok not as a marketing or networking tool but as our own accountability journals.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to do something that I’ve done five times over. Start my journey to live more intentionally. What does that mean? I want to build habits that I’ve always wanted in my life but just never had the follow through for. So with the help of TikTok, I’ll do just that.

Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. Drafting a list. What habits would I like to build? Well, I want to work out consistently, incorporate yoga into my daily routine, eat healthy, and organize my home.
  2. Creating a Tiktok. This step is solely to help me stay consistent. I mean come on my imaginary audience is watching. I’m creating a TikTok profile separate from all of my other social media pages. None of my friends or other followers know about this. This will help keep me focused on what I’m doing rather than what people are thinking but still motivate me to push on each day.
  3. Get to it! Everyday it’s up to me to create and post a video of myself working towards my end goal. At the moment I don’t have an end date but I want to just keep pushing through until it becomes second nature. It’s time to show up!

Okay, I know it’s easier said than done. If you’re looking for something a little less public than I urge you to check out my post on my 60 Day Reboot program. It’s designed to help you break bad habits.

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Why and How I’m Using TikTok to Hold Myself Accountable