Wellness Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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Looking for stocking stuffer ideas? Well look no further. All of the products below are the perfect “gifts I didn’t know I needed”. Each product is also $20 or lower. If you’re in the market for some self care gift be sure to check out my Self Care Holiday Gift Guide.

Tongue Scraper – $10

Take your oral health to the next level with a tongue scraper. These lightweight tools improve taste, remove bacteria, and reduce bad breath.

Rose Quartz Face Roller – $16

If you follow my instagram you know that I am a HUGE fan of face rollers. Face rollers help with lymphatic drainage which helps to reduce puffiness. These make for great stocking stuffers.

Evil Queen Candles – $20

These cheeky candles are a hot ticket item. They don’t just smell amazing but they’re also made from pet friendly ingredients! To top it all off each scent has a different witty quote printed on it.

Elephant Med Skincare Mask- $20

Elephant Mud Skincare is a small business created by a Las Vegas Local. Their products range from face masks to hair masks all made from natural ingredients.

Let That Sh*t Go Journal – $9

Need a way to reduce anxiety? This journal is full of fun & hilarious prompts that will encourage you to write down all of those thoughts constantly running through your head.

The Witch’s Book of Self-Care – $15

Self care but make it witchy. Take a magical approach to your self care routine with this informative guide.

Scalp Massager/Shampoo Brush – $8

The shampoo brush is a staple that everyone should have in their shower. It helps cleanse your roots while massaging your scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Gel Eye Mask – $10

If you’re looking for a unique gift here it is. Pop this gel eye mask in the freezer for a couple of hours and voila. It’s perfect for migraines, reducing eye puffiness, and anxiety.

Dry Skin Body Brush – $9

Similar to the face roller dry brushing helps with circulation and lymphatic drainage. It also assists in exfoliating your skin!

*Disclaimer – Some products may be connected to affiliate links*

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Wellness Stocking Stuffer Ideas