3 Easy Tips to Jumpstart Your Mornings

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Take your mornings to the next level.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that there are two things I’m all about – morning routines and self care.

Without these two concepts my life would be a hectic mess.

I’ll be honest, waking up used to make me cringe. I mean come on, it means you have to get out of your warm and cozy bed to adult. 🙄

It got to the point where I would hit my snooze button eight times without budging. By the time I finally woke up I only had time to throw on clothes and run out the door. As I’d drive to work I’d feel frantic and anxious, which would carry on throughout my day.

Something had to change.

After trial and error, I finally tailored my mornings to touch on my body, mind, and soul. I am someone who prefers my mornings chill and stress free. Everyday is different. You never know what’s in store so by incorporating a routine into your day you have a little control. The calm before the storm.

Here are 3 things I do every morning to set the right tone for my day:

  1. H Y D R A T E: My hydroflask is glued to me. Seriously, you’ll rarely see me without it. Drinking water when you first wake up is crucial. It wakes up your system and gets everything moving!
  • M O V E M E N T: Whether it’s stretching, working out, or both it’s important to get your body moving. Over the last 8 hours your body was inactive. Take a moment to give your bod that wake up call it needs before you just throw it into your day. Also, who doesn’t love that extra boost of endorphins??
  • S K I N C A R E: Okay hear me out, I think people take their skin care routine for granted. It’s honestly one of my favorite self care practices. Instead of going into auto pilot while tending to your skin really focus on being intentional. As you put on your moisturizer massage your face. Incorporate an ice roller to help with that lymphatic drainage.

If you have a morning routine that works for you, let me know in the comments what it includes!

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3 Easy Tips to Jumpstart Your Mornings