March Podcast / Audio Book Recommendations

Podcast and book recommendations to keep you entertained during this COVID-19 Quarantine.

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Am I the only one going a little bit quarantine crazy? This weekend I focused on social distancing and taking all of the steps to make sure I’m healthy. I spend a lot of time cleaning my house, doing laundry, wiping counters, mopping the floors, etc. During this time, I binged some new podcasts and books that have been making the day fly by! I want to incorporate some books into this month’s post just in case your more of a reader than a listener. If you enjoy audio books I highly recommend signing up for Scribd.

March Masterlist:

No Exit (click for the book): This book is a suspenseful masterpiece! Darby Thorne is on her way to visit her sick mother when a blizzard causes her to get stranded at a highway rest stop with four other strangers. As she’s coming to terms with the fact that they’ll be there over night she stumbles across something disturbing. A little girl locked in a cage in one of the parked cars. Um what?! There’s no service, no way out, and now she has to figure out which stranger is the kidnapper. Listen to the most stressful, horrifying nights of Darby’s life.

Root of Evil: Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the last 73 years you’ve heard of the Black Dahlia murder. It was and is one of the most prolific murders in the history of the US. The hosts are Rasha Pecoraro and Yvette Gentile, the great grand daughters of George Hodel. The man they believe murdered the Black Dahlia. Listen to this eight-part series as the uncover the most sinister family secrets.

That’s So Retrograde: Okay, so this podcast is a complete 360 from the other suggestions. Over the last few years, the wellness community has blown up witand it’s been hard to keep up with every trend. The hosts of TSR, Steph Simbari & Elizabeth Kott, interview a plethora of wellness guests that go over everything you need to know about living a more intentional lifestyle. This is a great listen if you’re trying to take steps towards living a healthier lifestyle, want to learn about crystal healing, juicing facts, and so much more!

I hope these keep you as entertained as they’ve kept me. As always, let me know your thoughts, recommendations, or any comments you might have!

Stay safe out there!

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March Podcast / Audio Book Recommendations